・Tuesday to Friday: 9:00 - 20:00
・Saturdays: 9:00 - 18:00 (until 20:00 during July and August)
・Sundays or public holidays: 9:00 - 18:00


・Mondays (except for public holidays)
・3rd Friday of every month (except August and public holidays)
・Four days in August including Mountain Day on August 11 (for inventory organization)
・December 29 to January 4


・Free Wi-Fi is available within the building (Otepia public wireless LAN service).
・Alongside our wide variety of resources, we offer assistance and spaces created for ourvisitors' use.
・On the second floor, in addition to a "General Books and Magazines Corner", we have a"Teens' Corner", a "Children's Corner", and more. The Children's Corner includes a baby room equipped with a nursing booth, diaper changing mat, and other amenities.
・On the third floor are exclusive spaces for subjects such as health/safety/disasterprevention/business/science/industry/agriculture, with resource collections geared toward problem solving, as well as our "Kochi Resources Corner", "Languages and International Exchange Corner", "Audiovisual Resources Corner", "Newspaper Corner", and more.
・The fourth floor includes a presentation hall, training room, meeting room, and study hall.


・You must obtain a Library Card in order to borrow materials (books, magazines,audiovisual materials, etc.) from OTEPIA Kochi Library.
・The card is available at the Service Counters. Please fill out the application and showproof of name and address (insurance card, driver license, etc.; not required for middle or elementary school students). The card will be issued immediately.
・The Library Card is valid for three years from the date of issue or renewal. In case of achange of address, please present proof of the new address at any Service Coun-ter.

・Borrowing, reserving, or requesting of library materials
・Viewing of library materials in the stack rooms.
・Using of the internet station or the Databases.
・Using of the audiovisual booths, group rooms, private study rooms or other special area.


・You will need a Library Card.
・You can borrow up to 20 books and magazines; up to 2 DVDs; and up to 10 CDs, cassettetapes, and similar items. Items can be loaned for up to 2 weeks.
・Some resources — such as reference books, Kochi Prefecture-related resources, and thenewest issues of magazines — are not available for loan (these can be viewed in the library).
・When borrowing books and magazines, please use the self checkout machines. Please askat a counter if you are unsure how to use the machines or have any other questions.
・When borrowing audiovisual resources (CDs, DVDs, etc.), please use the audiovisual counter (3rd floor).
・An alarm chime will sound if you leave the library with resources that have not gonethrough the full checkout process.


・The borrowing period may be extended, one time only, if a reservation for the mate-rialhas not been placed during the initial borrowing period. The borrowing period is two weeks from the checkout date
・Resources cannot be renewed if they have passed their due date.
・Please renew your loan(s) at a counter or by telephone (telephone number: 088 823 4946).Alternatively, you can use a library catalog computer (OPAC) or our website. (You will first need to be issued with a password at a counter.)


・Materials may be returned by depositing them in the East or West book drop outside thelibrary, or the 2nd Floor book drop inside the library. Materials that are too large to fit into the book drop or that is specified to be brought to a Service Counter.
・Any material can be returned to any Service Counter. Please return audiovisual materialsto the 3rd Floor Audiovisual Counter.
・Borrowed materials may be returned to the OTEPIA Kochi Library or any Kochi CityLibrary branches or library rooms. (They may not be returned to a library bus.)


・Searches for library materials can be made at OPAC stations in the library, or online at the OTEPIA website.
・If you are having difficulty searching on a library catalog computer (OPAC), please do not hesitate to ask at a counter.


・We have books, magazines, newspapers and more, written in various foreign languages— including English, Chinese, and Korean — at the Languages and International Exchange Corner (3rd floor).
Click here for our multicultural services guide


・OTEPIA Kochi Library materials may be borrowed by request through any public library facility in Kochi Prefecture. For details, please consult the Service Counter at your nearest library facility.
・Materials borrowed from the OTEPIA Kochi Library, Branch, or Room may be returned to the service counter of any public library facility in Kochi Prefecture.(Materials should not be returned via the book drops. In addition, please note that the returned items from outside Kochi City may take several days to reach the main library.)

LIBRARY MANNERS (a request to all of our users)

• Conversation is welcome at OTEPIA Kochi Library. Readers are encouraged to use their time in the library for their fullest learning experience, which may include conversation or discussion.
• However, please refrain from chatting in loud voices, or any other behavior that may disturb other library users.
• Eating and drinking are allowed in the Lounge Corners on the 1st and 4th Floors, and in the Learning Commons on the 2nd Floor. Personal drinking containers with secure lids may be brought into the library. Please carry out your own trash.
• Smoking is not permitted in the library. There is a smoking area at the northwest corner of the library grounds (outside the building).
• Please treat our materials, equipment, and facilities with care. We will request compensation if these are lost, damaged, or defaced.


2-1-1 Otesuji, Kochi City, 780-0842
TEL:088-823-4946(main) FAX:088-823-9352(main)
※This information is accurate as of December 2018.
Click here for our user's guide to Otepia Kochi Library (PDF)